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River of the Canoes Powwow / Dallas, Texas
September 24 & 25, 2022 / Trammell Crow Park

Our "River of the Canoes" will introduce the narrative to add the Social perspective to our social gathering and be able to share our issues on this platform to transcend our intertribal dance to honor Mother Earth, to share what's important to Indian Country and gather more content to share to extend our voice to reach our sovereign nations, become a digital wave length to discuss through forums of discussion or express their thoughts in forums. We have to use the Powwow format to introduce social platforms when we gather so many tribes together to reclaim, build equality and strengthen our equity of independence.


River of the Canoes Powwow

#Correcting Dallas History
#American Indian History

American Indian Heritage Day in Texas is Celebrating our 10th Anniversary and wanted to create a platform to build equality and equity from our traditional value and show an inter-tribal community to a new audience in Downtown Dallas for a Campaign to make a difference for Mother Earth.

The River of the Canoes Powwow will be on September 24, 2022 at the Trinity River (Arkikosa) on the river bed so the land can hear our songs again. We need to heal Mother Earth and her rivers to address the needs to provide medicine against climate change and build a new society of awareness thinkers to grow into making a difference in new positions to make changes using their voice and talents.


Change Trinity River to Arkikosa River

We are bringing the historical accuracy from the appropriate source of inspiration to create the City of Dallas. but how to re-write the history of Dallas. We have to break away from the black and white imagery to cast directly to the faces of the Caddo Nation and our Sovereign Nations. Developing the era idea of life from the origin before the immigrant intersection with the American Indians of this land.

There are descriptions of the river but the original stories were erased and skipped forward to their desired creation timeline of the Dallas narrative. Personal history and extensive experience have been replaced by misconceived notions of repeated patterns taught to give an illusion of truth. Which issues are key for you and how are you supporting prioritizing this objective structure providing opportunities to learn and grow in knowledge and experience from the Caddo Nation as their homeland in the Dallas trading route. We are able to educate a new generation and encompass these diverse strands to know the people erased from history but make a conscious challenge to confront this heritage that influences and embrace the hard work, resilience, and determination to rediscover the space by listening to each telling of their own story.

We have to embrace the majestic sculptures from Mother Earth that are taken for granted to provide life and nourishment on a river called “Arkikosa”. We must control the faded access of establishment and bring back cultural preservation.


Miles: Coast to Coast


Caddo Dialect


Water Healing Ceremony

#Mother Earth
#All Rivers are Connected

We need to focus on the individual to highlight a social change. Establish the numbers and see a lens of land and water protectors’ landscape. we are looking at an eco-friendly platform to build a global partnership for all to save Mother Earth but acknowledge that our DNA needs to be re-energized to listen to our elders to listen, understand from a legacy lens that we are the 7th generation. Our cultures and ceremonies are tied to water and the land for nourishment and a lifestyle. We have to share our knowledge that they will be the stewards that will continue to protect us from their new experience but listen to our oral stories and build from data of logistics and analytics to create a consciousness for accountability.

Our tierd Arkikosa campaign’s strategy is to build a sensorial revolution of our talents to start a movement, then implement into the urban and rural eco-systems to implement the narrative of growing from a stream to a river because “All Rivers are Connected” This wisdom needs to evolve from the creativity of all ages to build a voice and start a new movement of education from a cultural lens to see the opportunity to appreciate what mother Earth give to say thank you and not take for granted.

This land had protectors that were victims of genocide and historical trauma from the Doctrine of Discovery and Manifest Destiny. there was a blueprint set for continued people to come together to protect their love of this land and now to reclaim this message, not ownership, but an understanding of the connective tissue that we are connected to Mother Earth.



Our cultural flexible and functional strategy starts today, this followed the need for a welcoming, social space worthy of its location’s name change that will affect cultural endeavors and ecotourism activities here long into the future.

We need to create a new space for a new directive with new positions from those who can become new leaders intheir field to have a headstart in this crisis. We can teach the narrative of bringing a new core of Hydrologists, Potamologists, and Llimnologists to the stage to grow within and become a template to set the standard or collaborate with public and private entities to develop a new need for these minds to protect Mother Earth.


Acres of Grassland


Acres of Forests


Cultural Hub


Missing Murdered Indigenous Relatives


We Honor our Matrilineal Leaders and give homage to loved ones that have been stripped from the American Indian Cultural Preservation to break the cycle of historical trauma from the genocidal landmarks that have still continue the campaign of "A Good Indian is a Dead Indian." We are building a stronger network from our communities that crosses into border and eliminate the erosion of a premeditated racial slur of disrespect! We are bringing back the civil rights to address the racial problem to acknowledge the fact these triggers are hidden in plain sight of symbolisms that still carry overtones of racism from the psychological perspective to easily be used as racial slurs substituted as an illusion of an honoring system.

This is our first iteration of inspiring hope in public spaces for American Indians by taking down psychological distinction and illusions for equality in historical value, educational truth, true political nativism and transformation as our equity as a voice without interpretations.

We need to reclaim our voice and instill pride for ourselves that we are able to control our narrative for a demand for respect for our ancestors as the original people on this stolen land. This also ties the notion that we are built as marketing prompts from a non-native niche for a mixed cultural belonging or a need to bring back a romancing of American Indians to belong to an ethnicity that has no longer exists or out of sight, out of mind. We need to turn our attention back to reclaiming the living, working and shared historical contributions on Mother Earth.

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Correcting Dallas History 

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River of the Canoes

River of the Canoes will be located at the Trammell Crow Park at the Trinity River Bed located in Downtown Dallas, Texas.

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